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Another person has died from an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in North Carolina, bringing the death toll to four.​ None of the victims have been identified by authorities and health officials have not discussed the circumstances of their deaths.​ There have been confirmed.
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Losing a loved one is painful, especially if someone else caused the death.

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Fortunately, a South Carolina wrongful death attorney can help you seek justice. When a family member dies in an accident someone else caused, like a car crash or medical malpractice , the victim and surviving family members deserve justice for the suffering they were put through because of a reckless person.

Fortunately, you do have the chance to give your family members the peace of mind they deserve by contacting a South Carolina wrongful death lawyer. Wrongful death claims are distinct from other personal injury cases because the injured parties are no longer able to stand up for themselves. The deceased might have named this person in his or her estate plan.

To understand why this is such an egregious violation of the Constitution, consider some background. Prosecutors have been keeping black people off juries forever , on the assumption that all-white juries will be more likely to convict black defendants. Normally, prosecutors and defense attorneys must give a valid reason for striking a potential juror — and race is not a valid reason.

But each side is also given a small number of so-called peremptory challenges, allowing them to remove prospective jurors without having to explain why.

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By using their peremptory challenges, prosecutors have been able to strike black jurors with impunity. The practice was so insidious that the United States Supreme Court banned it in , in a case called Batson v.

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  • Kay Hagan, former North Carolina senator, has died at age 66;
  • Judicial Scrutiny of Sex Discrimination in the Employment Practices of Criminal Justice Agencies: Case Analysis of American Federal Court Decisions!

It was standard operating procedure. A document distributed to North Carolina prosecutors in training listed 10 categories of apparently race-neutral explanations for striking a juror, in case a judge should ask. Sometimes a prosecutor gets sloppy. Earlier this summer, the United States Supreme Court overturned by a vote of 7 to 2 the murder conviction of a Mississippi man whose prosecutor tried him six times, and finally got him sentenced to death, using all but one of his peremptory challenges against black jurors.

But most prosecutors avoid detection, either because they are more careful to cover their tracks or the courts reviewing their actions are not as vigilant.

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One of the first laws of its kind, it allowed a death-row inmate to have his or her sentence reduced to life by presenting statistical evidence of a pattern of racial discrimination by prosecutors. In North Carolina, showing that pattern was easy.

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A study by researchers at the Michigan State University College of Law looked at jury selection in North Carolina death-penalty trials over 20 years and found that black jurors were struck at twice the rate of whites. More than condemned men and women brought claims under the Racial Justice Act.

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In the first plaintiff, a death-row inmate named Marcus Robinson, won his case. Three more cases followed, all with the same result: The court found not only a pattern of racial discrimination by prosecutors, but also that they had purposefully discriminated in each of the cases.

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All four inmates were resentenced to life without parole. Two other inmates whose cases are being reviewed were in the process of seeking relief when the Racial Justice Act was repealed.

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In , lawmakers passed a bill gutting the Racial Justice Act, but it was vetoed by the Democratic governor, Beverly Perdue.